10MMSCFD Sour Gas Facility For Immediate Sale!

Save Millions of Dollars and Months of Time by Installing this Facility – Shut down Only 2 weeks ago!

Quick Points:

  • Shut down August 2017 – All Gas has been diverted to a 3rd Party Processor
  • The Most Modern Plant on the Market – 26 Million Dollars spent by PennWest in 2012 in upgrading and new construction
  • Good Throughput Capacity with room for expansion
  • Excellent Condition – Passed detailed mechanical & I/E Inspections in December 16′
  • Low Utilization since build out in 2012
  • Over 1000 CAD Drawings Already Complete – Massive Engineering Cost Savings
  • Complete Documentation and Owner Support
  • Located on High Grade Roads for Year Round Access

Equipment Consisting Of:

  • Hyrdocarbon Dewpoint Control Building (Consisting of)
    • Condensate Treating
    • Refrigeration
    • Gas Processing / Utility
    • Full Measurement
    • Glycol Injection
  • Amine Sweetening System
  • Inlet Separation
  • Slug Catchers
  • Sour Gas Compression (3 Stage)
  • Heat Medium Skid
  • 4000AMP MCC Building
  • 60,000 Gallon LPG Storage w/ Loadout
  • 16” x 150’ Flare Stack and FKOD’s
  • Office Building

Asking Price:  $7.5 Million Dollars

Rent-To-Own Available

Eliminate Cost Overruns with our Fixed “No Risk” Pricing for Moving, Installation, and/or Commissioning

Also Available Immediately:

2001 30MMSCFD Propak Sweet Refrigeration Facility

c/w 1MW Generator, MCC Building, 6′ x 20′ Inlet Separator,  LPG Storage, Flare, Office Building.  Already Decommissioned (Late 2016) and Sitting in Truckers yard

Contact Kameron Anderson at kameron@crusaderenergy.ca 403-263-8078 or  text at 403-819-3906

Since 2004 Crusader has been serving the oil and gas industry in two primary ways: Delivering good valued, low risk surplus production equipment solutions via our broker and reconditioning project management teams; And by supplying STOCK Water Injection and Disposal Pump systems at a fraction of the cost of new with warranty and full support.  Contact us anytime!