Finally, simplicity.

Your pumps generate cash, so stop reinventing them.

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New builds are so overcomplicated.

Okay, let’s be real – especially in today’s environment, it’s plain to see government waste, company bureaucracy, or the policies and procedures that frustrate real progress. We all inherently know there’s a better way. When it comes to pump packages, we’ve collectively built over 400 of them and most processes are the same: quote (two weeks); clarifications (one to two weeks); drawings (one to two weeks); drawing review (one to two weeks) and only then can construction commence. Last year, we had one client that had 14 different drawing revisions! From a fabricator standpoint it makes no difference how long delivery takes or how many revisions happen. But for you? Revenue suffers because it takes an extra two months to bring your project online, you spend too much time evaluating and doing custom drawing reviews that any cost you “think” you saved, is lost in man hours and opportunity.

Reimagine the process

– not the product.

We’ve taken all of our skill and expertise in pump system design, project management, procurement, and invested it upfront in a proven process that will deliver you new, simple, effective and versatile solutions.

We call it Pump Packages Simplified™.

A Safe Decision

You won’t wake up in the middle of the night worried you missed something – we’ve got it handled. Nor will you find out five months down the road that you were overcharged. Plus, your field crew will be impressed.

Longest Warranty

Designed by pump experts and backed by an industry best 18 month warranty – peace of mind comes included with every package.

Rapid Execution

Delivered quicker by not just a week, but even months. It starts with proven pre-designed drawings, continues with a tight supply chain for manufacturing and ends with you generating cash much quicker.

Simply looking for surplus pumps?

Browse of in-stock surplus pump package systems – each having in-depth verified information, refurbishments and available warranties.

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Pump Packages Simplified

Four turnkey pump package designs – 300 to 800 horsepower – all rapidly delivered.

All of our pump packages are designed for a wide range of operation considerations, ease of transport, ease of operability, ease of maintenance and a plain no-fuss piping layout for water injection and water disposal applications. To get started, select a package to match your pressure and flow requirements.

300 hp